Healthy eating tips

Healthy Eating Tips

Eating a balanced, healthy diet is a very important factor if you want to maintain a good health. Healthy eating will make you feel better about yourself. Most people find it very hard, but there are tips that you can follow and get started on eating a diet that is balanced.
You should eat the right and recommended amount of calories according to how you will be physically active – this will ensure that you balance the calories you burn and the calories you take. If you take too much calories than you burn, you will end up gaining more weight. You will also lose weight if you do not take enough.
It is recommended that men take 2,500 calories on a daily basis and women should take around 2,000. Studies have shown that most adults are taking more calories than they can burn – they end up gaining excess weight and they should eat less calories.
If you want to eat healthy, you should a wide range of different foods. This is will ensure the diet you are taking is balanced and you get all the essential nutrients your body requires. There are tips you can follow and they will help you with maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.
Foods that contain starch should form around 1/3 of your entire diet. Starch foods are cereals, rice, potatoes and bread. When you go out in the market, go for wholegrain varieties – there are those that recommend eating potatoes with their skin on. Whole grains contain more fiber and they will help you feel full for a longer time.
You should make sure that you include at least one starch food in every mean you take. There are people who think starch foods are fattening, but the truth is fats are more fattening than starch. However, too much of starch is also not good.
It is recommended that a daily diet should have s portions of different fruits and a vegetable too. This is easier than you can think. If you take a full natural juice that is made from fruits – this is considered as a full one portion. You can simply add a banana to your usual breakfast.
Experts recommend that you eat more fish. Fish is a good source of proteins and a number of useful minerals and vitamins that are very essential to the body. You should take around 2 portion of fish every week- there should be a portion for oily fish – they contain omega-3 fats that are good in reducing risks of developing heart conditions. You should avoid smoked or canned fish because it may have excess salts.
Your diet should be low on sugar and saturated fats. There is a recommend amount of fats that the body needs. This means you have to be careful of the amount and type of fat you add to your diet. There are two main types of fats – unsaturated and saturated. Saturated fats will increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood hence you should avoid them, you should choose foods that have unsaturated fats.